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I enjoy being playful and sexual (and annoying)...some might say I am the girl next door others might say I am a weirdo, good thing I'm both! I am the most loving, sweetest gal you will ever know....kinda, sometimes I get fiesty and need lots of attention...I am Leo after all!

My hobbies include snowboarding, reading, driving real fast, playing with my pets and cooking A LOT (vegan...and yes it's fucking delicious) and of course I am a chronic masterbater...like, who isn't?  I grew up awkward and rebellious with an old soul for good music and fine foods. I like to play dress-up and a newbie cosplayer. I am deeply passionate about animals and an advocate of their well-being. My shoe collection is unnecessarily large and I have a weird obsession with serial killers.  The ideal first date to me would be "Netflix & chill"

Most of the time you can find me at home prancing around in my underwear, jamming out to my favorite bands and being all kinds of silly. I like to think I am the queen of my world, my kingdom, my jungle, and your universe!

I live in the best city ever, CHICAGO! What's not to love about this city?? The food, the music, an abundance of bearded men and the worst street conditions in the states. I am glad to call the windy city my home. I am all over the city so try and come find me at a street fest or rock show, it's not hard! When I am not in Chicago you can catch me traveling all over the country Feature Dancing at your local strip clubs. OR if you are just a lazy individual and want to stay at home with your pants down (which is so awesome) then join me for LIVE webcam shows right here on this site!

Check out my store for some LB stuff or order your very own custom video! 

I hope you enjoy and keep an eye out because I have lots I will be adding, this is only the beginning!

xo LB



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Lexi Belle:my dark Queen, I will return for you in late October. Let's get freaky and creepy ❤ @ Massachusettinstagram.com/p/BX_J4Zmln1h/Oo
Lexi Belle:super sweet lunch date with these amazing people!!!! Pitbull, The Queen, moi and Archie ❤instagram.com/p/BX_JaVUFGXK/9E7y


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